Belonging strengthens communities and transforms connections.

We support leaders who share a collective vision for an inclusive and just world.

The frameworks for our work center on fostering a collective sense of belonging and bridging across people, social groups and organizations. We partner with leaders that are building diverse, equitable and justice focused communities.

"This moment finds us at an inflection point. We can choose to continue the well-worn path of exclusion, supremacy and othering, fueled by narratives of fear and threats. Or we can elevate stories and practices of mutuality and interdependence. Bridging is about increasing acceptance of diverse peoples, values and beliefs while giving us greater access to different parts of ourselves. It can help us build a large 'we' that does not demand assimilation." john.a.powell

We are profoundly inspired and guided by the work and lexicon of the Othering & Belonging Institute.

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About Monica Kumar

Belonging & Inclusion Strategist

Monica was born in London, England where she attended law school and practiced human rights & immigration law. She also worked as a commercial lawyer in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Building equitable communities and creating opportunities for people to inclusively engage in hard conversations and experiences has always played a central role in her life and work. Monica co-founded Race Around NWA which focuses on exposing and challenging historical systems of racial inequity to build more systemically equitable, regional institutions. She consults and coaches on creating belonging & bridging, building inclusion & equity and uplifting diverse teams and leaders. She frequently speaks and presents on inclusion and equity practices and leads customized workshops and trainings. She previously served as the Director of Diverse Social Networks at the Excellerate Foundation and was the Executive Director of Downtown Bentonville Inc. She owns a small co-working & culture house in Rogers, NWA and lives with her family in downtown Bentonville where they enjoy the myriad of incredible parks, trails, and unique arts experiences. She serves on the executive board of the Greater Bentonville Chamber of Commerce as the 2022 incoming Chairwoman and the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Advisory Board for the city of Bentonville.

Recent Projects

Services Offered

Belonging and Bridging Strategy

Developing belonging and bridging centered change

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Planning

Building equitable and anti-racist strategic goals & programs

Diverse Leadership Development

Organizing trust based team building & uplifting leaders

Experiential Gathering

Designing purposeful and intentional gatherings

Speaking and Workshops

Facilitating conversations that spark meaningful interaction

Portfolio Partners

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Supporting and connecting leaders who share an inclusive, equitable vision for our world.


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